Physical Therapy Services

Core Stabilization
Stabilizing one's core muscles is an important part of strengthening back muscles. Core stabilization techniques are used to help maintain and create an ideal alignment by strengthening the abdominal and other ...
Sports Therapy
Regardless of whether professional athletes or recreational athletes need care, it is often a physical therapist who will provide their treatment. Some of the topics covered include: injury education and prevention; ...
Work Injury Rehab
A program that helps care for employers who have suffered traumatic injuries both on and off the job or overuse injuries is worker rehabilitation. The goal of the program is to help increase the physical tolerance of ...
Orthopedic Rehab
Orthopedic physical therapists work closely with the musculoskeletal system of the body. Specifically, they diagnose, treat and manage certain disorders. Oftentimes, treatment programs will include rehabilitation ...
Exercise Training
Reconditioning: An individualized treatment program that is specifically designed to return the patient's core mobility, strength, flexibility, and endurance is known as reconditioning. Physical reconditioning is ...
Post-Surgical Rehab
Physical therapy can be quite effective at treating many of the issues that arise after a surgical procedure. A patient will often experience more pain and swelling following a surgery in addition to a loss of ...
Office Ergonomics
Office ergonomics refers to the specific study of the equipment in the work environment and how employees and employers interact with it. This term encompasses the environment the work is being performed in, the work ...
Vehicle Accident Rehab
Motor vehicle accident rehab or MVA is a highly specialized kind of rehabilitation. The goal of MVA is to return the patient to the physical condition they were in prior to the accident. MVA programs are typically ...
Electrical Stimulation
Electrical muscle stimulation, often referred to as EMS, is a treatment that utilizes an electrical current to contract either a group of muscles or a single muscle. In this therapy, the physical therapist places ...
Ultrasound is a healing technique that is often used by physical therapists as a treatment option. The low and high frequency sound waves act by warming muscle and deep tissue. Sound waves are capable of penetrating ...
After an injury, inflammation occurs in the body as part of the natural healing process. The symptoms and signs of inflammation include: pain, swelling and redness on and around the injured and inflamed area. ...
Iontophoresis is a special kind of therapeutic treatment commonly used by physical therapists that uses electrical stimulation. This treatment modality is also used to administer medications through the skin and into ...
Traction is a treatment method used to help alleviate neck and lower back pain symptoms while increasing the mobility of the spine. Traction in theory is applied to help separate the discs and the joints in the neck ...
Manual Therapy
Manual therapy refers to the clinical approach the physical therapist implements with a hands-on approach. This kind of therapy includes but is not limited to joint mobilizations and manipulations. The physical ...
Joint Mobilization
Physical therapists use joint mobilization as a treatment method to passively move the joints of the body in particular directions. Joint mobilizations additionally help to increase the gliding motion that occurs ...
Massage is an excellent physical treatment technique that utilizes the arms, hands and elbows to manipulate the connective tissues and muscles in the body. This technique is frequently used to help improve blood ...

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